Site occupancy is based upon two (2) adults.
Three dollars ($3) additional fee per night for each additional

Occupancy begins upon reservation date or
arrival date, whichever comes first, and runs
continuously and uninterrupted until the
approved departure date. For example, periods
of time “away” from the park by residents
does not extend the length of occupancy or
postpone the departure date.

No refunds for early departures.
No deposit refunds for cancellations 30 days or
less prior to planned arrival date. All sites are provided with
water, septic and 30 amp electric. Lawn mowing is provided by
the park except for trim around RV/Mobile Home and personal
items on site. Boat ramp is for resident use only. Boat dock space
is for resident use only—as available. Boats must be removed
from the water if the boat will not be used for five (5) consecutive

Most well-behaved pets are allowed; Management has the right to
refuse any pet.
No pets in cottage rental.
Pets must be on a leash or restrained at all times.
Pet waste must be picked up immediately without exception.
Noisy pets are not allowed.
Pets cannot disturb other park guests while owners are away.
Excessive barking, whining, birds screaming, etc. is not allowed.

Under New Ownership